Configure Scan to Email Settings on a Printer Without SSL

Lads and Lasses,

I’ve come across a few printers that don’t support SSL.  This is an issue when you try to set up Scan To Email using Office 365 for example.  Port 587 will not authenticate.  Set up a local SMTP relay server to resolve as follows:

  • Install SMTP Server on local server
  • Launch IIS 6.0 Manager and extend the server name
  • Right click SMTP Virtual Server and click properties:
    • On the General tab, select Advanced > Add.
      • In the IP Address box, specify the address of the server that’s hosting the SMTP server.
      • In the Port box, enter 587 and select OK.
    • On the Access tab, do the following:
      • Select Authentication and make sure that Anonymous Access is selected.
      • Select Connection > Only the List Below, and then specify the IP addresses of the devices that will be connecting to the SMTP server, such as printers.
      • Select Relay > Only the List Below, and then specify the IP address of the devices relaying through this SMTP server
    • On the Delivery tab, select Outbound Security, and then do the following:
      • Select Basic Authentication.
      • Enter the credentials of the Office 365 user who you want to use to relay SMTP mail.
      • Select TLS Encryption.
      • Select Outbound Connections, and in the TCP Port box, enter 587 and select OK.
      • Select Advanced and specify as the Smart Host.
    • Restart the IIS service and the SMTP service.
  • To use the SMTP server for another device, go to Access > Connection and add the IP of the device to the allow list
  • Set printer to point to local SMTP server IP on port 25


Find logs in c:\inetpub\mailroot\badmail\*.BAD

Diagnostic-Code: smtp;550 5.7.60 SMTP; Client does not have permissions to send as this sender

  • In your Exchange, Add the Email Address used for SMTP Authentication to the Send As permissions on the default reply address that you set in the MFP settings

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