“Access Denied” Error When Capturing a Windows Image with MDT 2013 and WDS

Hi All,

This took a few hours of my life away, so I’d like to prevent that happening to others.

Scenario: When attempting to capture a custom image with MDT/WDS, the capture process failed on process ‘Create WIM’ with error “Access Denied”.  Permissions were granted to ‘Everyone’ on the captures share “\\MYSERVER\DeploymentShare$\Captures” and to “DeploymentShare$” yet I would still get access denied when the process tried to create the WIM file to capture the image.

Resolution:  I was able to confirm, using “type NUL > file.txt”, that the system was unable to write into the Captures folder, i.e. file.txt could not be created (I mapped a network drive to the above location: “net use * \\MYSERVER\DeploymentShare$\Captures Password1 /user:mydomain\myadminuser”) – I would get ‘Access Denied’. However, if I used the following path “\\MYSERVER\Captures” the “type NUL > file.txt” worked fine and the txt file was created.  I simply added the following to my “CustomSettings.ini” file:


The .wim file is being created as I type.


Time for a cuppa!!


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