Are Microsoft Cultivating the Spread of Malware?

This deserves a post – The cheeky buggers Microsoft are actually aiding the spread of elicit software and viruses through their Bing search engine. Beware of the Ads section at the top, the top 3 or 4 links are not what you want to be clicking. Read on.

When installing Google Chrome (or any software for that matter), please ensure the links you are using are to the manufactures website, i.e. – ideally it should be https, this ensures you are using a secure web service. If you search for Google Chrome in Bing, the top link that comes up is not for Googles website, but for a 3rd party website that could install anything onto your PC, even a browser that looks like Chrome, but is just a front end for a web application that will record your every keyboard click.

You might think this goes without saying but I have found a link in Bing that states to link to (it even shows green below the main title) but it actually redirects to (This was the 3rd link from the top when I performed my search for Chrome, 2 above the actual link for Google’s Chrome downloads page). This is a very sneaky tactic employed to have you install Chrome (or other software, for example, Adobe Reader) from a 3rd party website. If you install such software from any website other than the manufactures website, the chances of you downloading a few extra surprises with that software are almost inevitable and this will not be a nice surprise. These tactics are everywhere and you need to have your eyes open when surfing the net, else your PC will die a painful death.

They do this to get you to install their software, as well as the software you are actually downloading. You will end up with more than you bargained for.

I’ll use my cousin Karam as an example. He had 7000 known instances of viruses and malware on his laptop and he didn’t even know. Not a single pop up or alert and he had an active Antivirus software installed. This happened because of such activity on the web and only came to light because I asked him why he was so frustrated at his PC. I took a quick look into his system and found a secret world of activity on the laptop. Who knows what that stuff was looking at, collecting, monitoring, reporting….I was able to clean everything off the PC, but it did take 2 whole evenings!

He’s not the only one. In my job as an IT tech, I come across no end of people with hideously slow computers, who haven’t got a clue what’s wrong or how it happened and more often than not, I can pinpoint the cause to a rogue install of Google Chrome or Adobe Reader/Flash Player obtained from a website that was not hosted by the manufacture. By pressing Next, Next, Next, Finish as is typically the case during installs, you inadvertently agree to install many other unnecessary applications. You could actually be consenting to installing Malware, Spyware or Adware, the new age computer viruses.

Please be careful. This new age of computer virus does not seek to destroy your PC, or render it unusable but more likely haul adverts in every available bit of space you can find, or use your PC to silently gather info. You won’t even know it’s there.

If you need further advice or help, please PM me.


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